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Year : 2016
Industry : Interior Design
Location : Monte - Carlo


Interior Design Studio

Quantum Interior is an interior and exterior design studio based in Monaco. Extraordinary materials used in their interior creations are underlining their strive to make the impossible possible for their clients. The attention to details is what Quantum calls with no exaggeration - perfectionism and this is what distinguishes them in their work and in the relations with their clients and subcontractors.


TWENTY3 MEDIA designed the new brand identity showcasing high quality in every detail, combining luxurious colors like gold and dark green. Given that these are often used in their interiors, our aim was to reflect these in the design of the brand itself.

Brand Conception

The brief included the creation of a modern premium brand. A key element in the design is the outlined diamond pear shape, which is delicately repeated throughout the stationery design.

Quantum logo design and conception
Quantum logo design and conception

Color Palette


HEX #183118
RGB 24 49 24
CMYK 78 52 85 67




RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


Stationery Design

The stationery design of Quantum Interior includes business cards made with premium 600 gsm paper, as well as golden hot foiling on the two sides as well as the edges. Custom envelopes and letter heads have also been designed and manufactured.

Quantum stationary and print design

Interior Photography

TWENTY3 MEDIA undertook an interior photoshoot, covering a luxurious apartment in the Carré d'Or of Monte-Carlo. Fully designed by Quantum Interior, the apartment showcases their unique style of design, attention to detail, and use of exclusive materials.

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