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Year : 2016 - ongoing
Industry : Jewelry
Location : Monte - Carlo


Jewelry Maison

Orlov is a jewelry maison for the new generation. Since it was established in 2011, Orlov has captured the image of connoisseurs royalty and devoted collectors of precious objects the world over. With only 120 Orlov jewels are crafted in the company´s italian workshop annually, each one is sold via private appointment. Orlov is the only high jewelry company in existence today, which provides certificates attesting to the quality of every single diamond and precious gemstone within their creations.

Colombian emerald and diamond necklace by Orlov Jewelry
© ORLOV Jewelry

Jewelry Photography

The essence in jewelry photography is to catch the beauty and the sparkle of every single gemstone within the creation. Each jewelry piece is closely photographed in a special product photography studio setting and retouched to final perfection in order to generate ultimate sharpness and detail.

Paraiba and diamond ring by Orlov Jewelry


Exceptional 27 carat pear shape paraiba turmaline ring set with white diamonds of 7.90 cts in 18K white gold.
Blue sapphire and diamond earrings by Orlov Jewelry


Blue sapphire earrings set with 32 blue sapphires of 49.65 cts including a pair of natural royal blue oval shape sapphires of 18.93 cts and white diamonds of 23.55 cts in 18K white gold.
Simplicity collection white diamonds cuff bracelet by Orlov Jewelry
Colombian emerald and diamond bracelet by Orlov Jewelry


Emerald and diamond cuff set with 39.67 cts of white diamonds and 18.70 cts of fine colombian emeralds with a cushion emerald center of 10.56 cts and furthermore 74 white diamonds of total 27.90 cts and 11.77 cts pave set diamonds.
Burmese ruby and diamond necklace by Orlov Jewelry


Ruby diamond pendant set with a natural oval "pigeon blood" ruby center of 12.06 cts, fine burmese rubies of 58.78 cts and 42.36 cts of white diamonds on a burmese beads chain of 216.89 cts.
Simplicity collection diamond earrings in yellow and white gold by Orlov Jewelry
Classic briolettes diamond cuff by Orlov Jewelry

White Diamonds

Classic briolettes diamond cuff set with 86 pear shape diamonds of 29.05 cts, 37 round diamonds of 8.30 cts, an oval diamond center of 2.32 cts and 3.39 cts of pave diamonds - a total of 43.06 cts.
Classic signature pink sapphires and diamond earrings by Orlov Jewelry


Classic signature pink sapphires and diamond earrings set with 11.99 cts of white diamonds and 46 natural pink sapphires of 43.04 cts in 18k white gold..
Design and creation process of the Orlov Jewelry serpentes necklace
Photo of the pink gold serpentes necklace featured in the 2018 September edition N°990 of Vogue Paris

Serpentes Collection for Vogue Paris

Our photo of the pink gold serpentes necklace was featured in the 2018 September edition N°990 of Vogue Paris. The necklace is set with 90 white diamonds of 24.85 cts including one pear shape white diamond of 1.01 and 0.8 cts in 18K pink gold.

Print Design

Our creative team was hired to lay out and design the Orlov's official book, showcasing the high-jewelry creations. To ensure maximum detail, it was printed on ceramic coated paper, which is specially made to obtain a peak level in absolute black as a background color and to let the jewelry pieces shine to their brightest.

Print design of the official Orlov Jewelry book

Being one of the world's most exclusive jewelry maisons allowed us to truly highlight the brand's essence with large imagery, clean page layouts, and carefully worded texts.

Print design of the official Orlov Jewelry book

Color Palette


HEX #000000
RGB 0 0 0
CMYK 75 68 67 90




RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


Print design of the official Orlov Jewelry book

Each Orlov piece finds its inspiration from the cultural wealth of ancient cultures as well as the endless bounties of the natural world. As such, each design is therefore truly unique and can never be recaptured in the exact same way.

The book now serves as the showcase to Orlov's unique colored gemstones.

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