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Year : 2016
Industry : Luxury Property
Location : Austria

Château Petit Versailles

Luxury Property

Château Petit Versailles - Schloss Frohsdorf is an unprecedented dream wedding, celebrations, private vacation, and corporate congress location in the surroundings of Vienna. It is ideal as a private vacation hideaway or can serve for professionally arranged corporate festivities.

© Fabian Kluhs Productions


The brief consisted of redesigning the existing "Schloss Frohsdorf" logo, and to structure it with the overall rebranding in mind. Highlighting the castle's French essence is achieved in two ways: emphasizing on "Château Petit Versailles" in the logo design, as well as structuring overall storytelling and messaging including both the French and English language.

Brand Conception

The logo redesign consisted of bringing together the castle's heritage of an Austrian castle as well as its major French influence from its owners. The original coat of arms logo and icon is kept throughout the rebranding.

Château Petit Versailles logo design and conception

The major French look and feel, which not only comes from the castle's interior and exterior, but also due to the overall planned rebranding, thus puts emphasis on "Château Petit Versailles", while keeping the traditional "Schloss Frohsdorf" as a small addition to the brand.

Château Petit Versailles logo design and conception

Color Palette


RGB 202 179 62
CMYK 18 21 74 3


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


HEX #222222
RGB 34 34 34
CMYK 67 53 54 61


Commissioned Photography

Interior & Exterior Photography

We were commissioned for a multiple day photoshoot on site to document the castle in all its glory and details, including the exterior of the castle, its surrounding estate and garden, as well as the complete interior. Additionally a complete interior and exterior videoshoot (including helicopter shooting) was undertaken in order to create the estate's official video trailer.

Print Design

We were asked to design the official book for the Château Petit Versailles estate. We carefully structured the contents by introducing each floor with detailed custom floor plans. The 25x33cm book was made up of 332 pages, and was printed on a pure white 200 gsm matt offset paper to ensure maximum vibrance and colours, as well as gold edging for maximum prestige.

Château Petit Versailles book and print design

The 2.4 mm thick hard cover was colored in a deep custom red, and refined with golden hot foil on the front, back and spine. Finally it was protected with a 170 g photo print book jacket.

Château Petit Versailles book and print design
Château Petit Versailles web design

Web Design

The website of Château Petit Versailles was designed following the structure of the estate book. The aim was to highlight both the photography as well as the textual contents equally, thus balancing the available textual information with their respective photography.

Mobile Responsive

The requirement was a fully responsive website, which works well on tablets and smartphones, besides desktops. Latest CSS as well as JQuery functions were implemented to achieve a beautiful look across devices.
Château Petit Versailles web design for mobile devices and tablets
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