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Year : 2015
Industry : Yachting
Location : Cannes

Antisan Motor Yacht

Luxury Charter Yacht

ANTISAN is a splendid ALALUNGA motor yacht from the renowned Spertini shipyard. Built to the highest specifications to offer maximum comfort to guests, whilst meeting the stringent safety and quality standards demanded for certified commercial yachts.

© Franck Spire

Yacht Photography

We provided a complete exterior and interior photoshoot, including aerial photography and videography from a helicopter, motion shots from a tender, as well as a virtual tour of the interior. The photographs were to be used for marketing and chartering purposes via its own dedicated website, third party charter websites, as well as yacht shows.

Print Design

We were asked to design an e-brochure showcasing the yacht, and following the design and structure of the website. The 30 page horizontal A4 format brochure was printed on a pure white 200 gsm matt offset paper to ensure maximum vibrance and colours, and was provided to local charter brokers and potential clients in both, printed and digital form.

Antisan super yacht brochure and print design

The Antisan brochure has been designed with minimalism and purity in mind: highlighting the beautiful photography, and displaying them next to spacious text sections.

Antisan super yacht brochure and print design

Color Palette


HEX #06062A
RGB 6 6 42
CMYK 100 95 47 71


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


HEX #939598
RGB 147 149 152
CMYK 44 33 32 11


Antisan super yacht web design

Web Design

With a client oriented approach in mind, the website features clean layouts and spacings, simplified text arrangements, as well as a prominent display of the photographs and the interactive virtual tour.

Mobile Responsive

The requirement was a fully responsive website, which works well on tablets and smartphones, besides desktops. Latest CSS as well as JQuery functions were implemented to achieve a beautiful look across devices.
Antisan super yacht web design for mobile devices and tablets
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