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Year : 2017
Industry : Technology
Location : London

Fusion Automation

Technology & Entertainment Solutions

Fusion Automation Ltd was founded in 2001 with a vision to create technology and entertainment solutions that exceed every expectation. Their goal then, and to this day, was to push every boundary, and to explore every avenue in order to advance the field of integrated technology. In the years since their inception, their passion to strive for progress has resulted in their experienced and talented team building a unique wealth of knowledge which they believe has differentiated them as pioneers within their industry. Since the very beginning, a methodology of continuous improvement has been at the heart of Fusion and, to this day, that is reflected in everything they do.

Marketing Collateral

We designed a premium paper folder featuring a three-flap design on 540 gsm Colorplan Silkweave Ebony with Luxor 362 black hot foiling. Additionally, a set of A4 and A5 in-lay cards have been designed. Finally, the collateral package was completed with custom printed USB keys.

Fusion Auomation stationery design and marketing collateral
Fusion Auomation stationery design and marketing collateral
Fusion Auomation stationery design and marketing collateral

Color Palette


HEX #000000
RGB 0 0 0
CMYK 75 68 67 90




RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


Presentation Material

The client requested clean and elegant A4 and A5 cards to showcase their different products. These cards were then to be inserted into the designed folder.

Fusion Auomation stationery and print design for marketing collateral
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