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Year : 2014
Industry : Luxury Property
Location : France

Domaine de Mauroue

Luxury Property

The Domaine de Mauroue is a magnificent estate built in the 18th Century with an area one and a half times larger than the Principality of Monaco. It is located on the Plateau du Valensole, centered between the Alpes de Haute Provence and the French Riviera.


Following a set of older branding elements provided by the client, we rejuvenated the Domaine de Mauroue brand with the overall philosophy in mind: to create the ultimate Proven├žal luxury estate.

Brand Conception

The logo redesign consisted of bringing together the property's heritage as a French lavender oil domaine. The original coat of arms logo and icon is kept throughout the rebranding.

Domaine de Mauroue logo design and conteption

The logo is completed by keeping its original typeface in order to convey the Proven├žal spirit and to communicate its French history.

Domaine de Mauroue logo design and conteption

Color Palette


HEX #682B71
RGB 104 43 113
CMYK 71 96 18 7


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


RGB 47 43 47
CMYK 71 66 55 68


Commissioned Photography

Interior & Exterior Photography

We were commissioned for a multiple day photoshoot on site to document the domaine in all its glory and details. We thoroughly photographed the complete interior and exterior of the estate. A helicopter shooting was arranged to get a proper feel for the domaine's 300 hectares of private land, its own lake, forests, fields, and surrounding environment.

Print Design

We were asked to design the official book for the Domaine de Mauroue estate. In order to create the ideal storytelling, we structured the contents of the brochure to find the perfect balance for the beautiful photography as well as the carefully worded texts. The 27x32cm book was made up of 108 pages, and was printed on a pure white 200 gsm matt offset paper to ensure maximum vibrance and colours.

Domaine de Mauroue book and print design

The 350 gsm Constellation Snow cover was refined with a linen embossed paper texture and coloured in a custom violet. Furthermore it was enhanced with a golden hot foil as well as a blind embossing for the logo. Finally it was beautified with a silky smooth white cord.

Domaine de Mauroue book and print design
Domaine de Mauroue web design

Web Design

The website of Domaine de Mauroue was designed following the structure and layout of the book. The aim was to create the official online presence for the property, and to facilitate booking and inquiries. We therefore highlighted both the photography as well as the textual contents equally, thus balancing the available textual information with their respective photography.

Mobile Responsive

The requirement was a fully responsive website, which works well on tablets and smartphones, besides desktops. Latest CSS as well as JQuery functions were implemented to achieve a beautiful look across devices.
Domaine de Mauroue web design for mobile devices and tablets
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